what and who is in this damn show?


The Dynamic Duo is a newly produced web-series shot in Invercargill, New Zealand and is the child of producers Corey Fuimaono and Tyler Baikie. These two have been film students at the same institution and have had the similar situations happen to them, as presented in the series. The show was made as an assessment for a script-writing and filmmaking class and was filmed over four days - spaning Friday 18 to Monday 21 September 2015.

Behind the Scenes!

The show follows two central characters, Craig and Sonny, as they go through the last part of the academic year together. Usually a time of winding down and relaxation, is replaced with the urgent need to complete a makeshift assessment - as put on by their headmaster, Ralph (played by Barrie Sheehy).

  • Cast
    • Tyler Baikie
    • as Craig
    • Dan Delaet
    • as Therapist
    • Corey Fuimaono
    • as Sonny
    • Tim Greenhalgh
    • as Trevor
    • Barrie Sheehy
    • as Headmaster Ralph
  • Crew
    • Director
    • Corey Fuimaono
    • Producers
    • Tyler Baikie
    • Corey Fuimaono
    • 1st Assistant Director
    • Lana Black
    • Director of Photography
    • Don Giwantha
    • Camera Operator
    • Matt Van Dorrestein
    • Gaff, Grip + Extras
    • Ben Bunting
    • Josh Clive
    • Sound Recordist
    • Wetini Rapana